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Lismore relief fund sale

Devastating Greyton Wildfire destroyed Lismore Winefarm - the home and livelihood of Samantha O'Keefe and her children.
Sam O'Keefe, well-known pioneering farmer and winemaker lost homestead, cellar and everything she built since 2003 in a blazing fire on 17 December 2019. After years of ruinous setbacks, her wines received international recognition and accolades - with it now all being burnt to the ground. Sam, a single mother of two has persevered through multiple challenges throughout her journey at Lismore. This one she can only face with the help and generosity of good people.
Let's hold hands and unite to help Sam rebuild her home, her farm, her life and everything else, which brought so much joy to enthusiastic fans of her magnificent wines. We appeal to anyone who has ever come in contact with this incredibly courageous and inspiring woman to reach out!
While close friends travel from close and far to count the losses and devise a detailed action plan, we need to help our Sam to meet immediate financial commitments to get and keep her already produced wines in the market. Then it's about re-planting the vineyards, re-building the family home and winemaking facilities.
Port2Port, in collaboration with Reciprocal and many South African wineries are organizing an online flash sale of wine lots. The entire sale amount will go towards rebuilding Lismore.
We will be setting up a website for them for free and require a payment gateway to process the sales at the lowest cost possible to ensure as much of the funds can go to relieve the farm owner and her family.