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Clare Swithenbank-Bowman is the director and founder of Litter4Tokens campaign which launched in 2015 at the Ithemba Labasha Community Centre in Shakashead. One day she drove through Shakashead, a North Coast community with high unemployment and hunger when it struck her how much litter was polluting the environment. This litter had value as a recycled material and could be used to buy food to feed the community. The idea of feeding the community and cleaning up the environment developed into the Litter4Tokens campaign with the assistance of Doreen Yengwa, Debbie Joubert and Elna Rootman from iThemba Labasha Community Centre and Kyle Critchton from Lions Ballito.
Litter4Tokens is about community members and schools collecting recyclable material (clean, squashed and flattened) being rewarded for their efforts with tokens to exchange for food, clothes or goods at the token shop at Ithemba Labasha. Each bag of squashed recyclables brought into the centre on a Thursday gets one token. Dolphin Coast Waste Management collects the full bags on Fridays and the token shop is open on Saturday mornings. The token shop is stocked by the larger North Coast community as well as sponsors such as Olala Interiors, private donors, Dolphin Coast residents and parents from Ashton International College, Ballito. The aim of the Litter4Tokens campaign is to ’instill pride and cleanliness and put respect back into the community by encouraging hard work and in turn help feed and clothe families through donations’. We are not only cleaning up the environment and protecting our oceans but educating and feeding our nation at the same time instilling price.