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In a crisis, many young people are too ashamed or unable to make that call.
At MobieG, we get the message.
In their darkest hour, our anonymous text-based counselling provides a safe online space for them to be heard, through a medium they already use and trust.
It's a crisis. Help them, by helping us go online 24/7.
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What is the need?

Youth today suffer from many socio-economic problems and struggle to operate in the current economic environment. The critical issue of the large number of young people between the ages of 10 and 35 that are poorly educated, unemployed and who succumbed to social ills (drugs & crime) is a matter that requires urgent, comprehensive and innovative thinking.
Wellbeing can be addressed through services that provide access to critical information; career guidance and counselling and other support structures, however current support services are often insufficient to deal with demand.

Technology like internet, computers and smart devices can be seen as service enablers and can provide services in new ways.
The idea to provide a medium where anybody can have access to counselling by using a cell-phone lead to the birth of MOBIEG in 2010, who through innovative technology, developed and provided a cost-effective medium to reach people online in real-time, nationally and internationally.

Why support MOBIEG?
MOBIEG has been providing counseling to thousands of users free of charge since 2010. The majority of clients on our system are marginalized members of society that do not have access to professional counseling services. Most are between 12-35 years old.

Both ''clients'' and facilitators remain anonymous throughout the counseling sessions. This creates an unprecedented level of ''trust'' for clients and we have experienced an increased level of openness and honesty from them because of this.

South Africa has one of the best levels of cell phone penetration in Africa. Our youth prefer texting to talking. Our platform therefor fits perfectly into their world.

What immediately sets this system apart from traditional telephone counseling systems, is that it allows each facilitator to speak to multiple 'clients' at the same time instead of just one at a time - making the number of facilitators needed to host a session significantly less.