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LIV Lukhanyiso

LIV exists to Glorify God by serving the vulnerable children of the nations.
LIV Lukhanysio is bringing light and hope to Makhanda by serving vulnerable children in our community.
"Lukhanyiso," meaning "light" in isiXhosa, and that is what we want to be.
In 2011, Tich's inspiring presentation of the LIV vision stirred Lara Kruiskamp's heart, leading her to take the vision to her hometown of Grahamstown and establish LIV Lukhanyiso. Since then, Lara and a dedicated team have diligently worked to raise funds, increase awareness, and lay the groundwork for LIV Lukhanyiso. In addition, we have been actively collaborating with local children's homes and supporting vulnerable children in the Makhanda/Grahamstown community since 2016. We eagerly anticipate breaking ground on our land, which symbolizes the dawn of a new chapter in our journey. "You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world." Matthew 5:14 (The Message)