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Limpopo Mental Health Society

Limpopo Mental Health Society

Stimulation Centres (PADICS) Parents and Disabled children Support System)

Running of neighbourhood educational units (stimulation Centres) for children and youth with intellectual disabilities. Currently the organisation runs 14 stimulation centres with 110 children with intellectual disabilities. The program has a daily program as guidance for activities, the stimulation program comprises of the following: Skills for living, multisensory skills, oral hygiene social skills and development programs.
•Aim of the Program
To develop a child with intellectual disability with basic skills, such as basic literacy and numeracy, oral hygiene, multisensory skills, Social Skills and mental development.
To assist the volunteer or learning facilitator with the basic knowledge on how to stimulate a child with intellectual disability.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Reintegration Program

This program is aimed at the reintegrated and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients discharged from psychiatric hospitals and adults with intellectual disability.
The main purpose of the psychosocial Rehabilitation program is to reintegrate persons discharged from psychiatric wards or hospitals into the main stream of the society. That includes personal and inter-personal skills, social skills, and skills to generate income either through employment or income generating projects.

•Aims of the Program:
Develop Support Groups
Development of employment skills to facilitate their entry into the open labour market
Development of leadership and self- advocacy skills of service users to participate more in the management of the projects.
Capacity building and skills development of adults living with psychiatric and intellectual disability in all functional areas.
The program has been running successfully and currently assists 125 mental health care users.

Public Education

Networking, workshops to facilitate the development and transference of skills
Undertake community education, capacity building of CBO’s and NGO’s through radio interviews, local newspapers, information pamphlets.
•Aim of the program:,
To reduce the stigma attached to mental illnesses through information sharing with the community and other stakeholders.
To be able to understand what other stakeholders in the same field do.
Reduce relapses and reintegrate users back to the community.
Develop mental health users to become self reliant.
Cater for the psychosocial needs of service users.

Psychological Services Program

Psychological services are offered to community members experiencing psychosocial problems by qualified professionals. The program assists persons in need of assistance related to stress, trauma, HIV/AIDS, family therapy, drug and alcohol abuse and many more.