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Look Forward Creativity Centre is a non– profit making organization that has been assisting the abandoned, orphaned, neglected and abused children in our community in the last couple of years.

We dedicate and commit ourselves to caring for these children by providing efficient and adequate professional services to all without discrimination of color or religion

Our objectives are to provide quality care, education, counseling and support to abandoned, orphaned and neglected children brought to us or found on the street; during our assessment or in the squatter camps. It is our wish to build a home that could at all times achieve the following:

To ensure that each abandoned, orphaned and abused child receive the best and most appropriate education available.
To love these children regardless of race, health, gender, handicap, religion or nationality.
To ensure initiatives that contribute towards a better environment for these children.
To provide counseling to help the children discover their goals and values by writing their own Stories, Novels and Poems; to make the Nation read what they went through and what they desire to become in the future.

Our mission
Our Mission is to help influence the future development of children in our community and in our country. We seek first to understand why these children are abandoned or orphaned, for understanding them is the key finding value in them and value is the basis for respect, decisions and action. We seek to learn through our children, for learning is the basis for growth, and growing is the key to loving is what we desire to do better for our children and community.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to impact on the lives of billions of children through out the world to achieve their own dreams and recognize their own values and Skills.