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Lostainment Group

Lostainment Group was established on the 28 June 2013 by five (5) people. It is non-discriminatory, non-profit and a non political group founded to create more opportunities special for our youth as from the age of ten (10) to thirty-five (35) against Juvenile Crime and Poverty. Lostainment Group is here not to compete with any community structure/ entity but to network or partner where seem to be necessary.

To fight against Juvenile crime and Poverty

To develop and promote in order to have professional administrators, sports stars, actors and actress also to make a remarkable difference in people’s life by helping anyone who needs help for better life.

a) Seek for donations/ funding or potential sponsorship in order to have needed resources.
b) Promotion of education, healthy lifestyle, agricultural activities and job creation projects.
c) Community sports development through events/ tournament organizing & managing.
d) Promotion and Implementation of 100-Betta Dayz Campaign by Lostainment Group.