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New loveLife Trust

Since its launch in 1999, loveLife has been obsessed with improving the lives of young people – first through the prevention of HIV infection and now including holistic youth development. ’.
In its 18 years of existence, the organisation has touched the lives of millions of youngsters – last year alone the organisation’s programmes reached 1.8 million people in communities in all nine provinces in South Africa.
With over 60% of the country’s population being made up of young people, we believe that if we address the issues facing the youth in a fundamental way we can unleash and unlock tremendous potential that lies within in them.
We have an amazing, credible platform to speak to the hearts and minds of young people – to power a future through the energies of young people. There is a bright future for this country, and it is in the hands of the youth who should, whatever the circumstances, never sacrifice their potential on the bedrock of personal or historic disadvantage.
So loveLife has the potential to really change the experience of the youth in this country –we believe that each young person is born with the potential to succeed, to be anything that they want to be provided they have the support and encouragement to do so. But social ills including unemployment, gender-based violence, substance and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and HIV infection, among others, continue to place young people at risk. To address through the use of its innovative programmatic approaches, loveLife continues with its strategic objectives of:
• Reducing HIV infection among young people;
• Reducing teen pregnancy;
• Keeping young girls in school; and
• Improving employment opportunities for young people.