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Luthemba Lethu Community Project

Luthemba Lethu Community Project is a registered Nonprofit Organization. Further, it is also registered by the Tax Exempt Unit of SARS as a Public Benefit Organization and has been approved for purposes of section 18A.

“Luthemba Lethu” meaning “Our Hope” is a nonprofit organisation started from a place of need.

In 2006 we started reaching out into the Modderbee Correctional Centre and quickly realised that normal outreach programmes were not effectively changing offenders.

So, in 2007 André Roodt, a pastor at Maranatha Community Church then, together with some church members and staff members from Modderbee Correctional Centre, went to Argentina to look at a model programme operating in certain Correctional Centres that changed the recidivism rate from 50% to 5%.

The Church adopted this programme and soon found itself with more than 50 volunteers and full time employees running this programme seven days a week within the Modderbee Correctional Centre.

It soon became apparent that a programme that only focuses on the Correctional Centre was not enough and in 2011 LLCP added two areas of focus to its operation, namely:

A schools programme aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of drug abuse and crime.
A Community Based Training Facility and local church.

This will assist us in focusing on two areas in the community.

Crime Prevention through our Schools Programme.
Rehabilitation through our Correctional Centre and Community Based Training Programmes.