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Made for More

Our vision is to see restoration, revival and hope in disabled communities.
Our mission is guiding and empowering disabled communities to discover their abilities, worth and divine purpose through disability sport, whole life coaching (mentorship), leadership/sports camps and community projects.





These values reveal our heart for what we hope to build the organisations foundations on. Firstly, we desire the love of Christ to be the foundation and guiding force in everything that we do.
We value unity because we strongly believe that visions thrive in an environment of unity which is the outflow of building and maintaining solid relationships. We desire unity for ALL God’s people and we hope to bring an environment of inclusion and oneness regardless of people’s disability, cultural background, socio-economic status or religious beliefs.
Kindness, justice and righteousness are values that are often not shown to people with disabilities therefore we desire to exercise these values in the hope of reviving, restoring and bringing justice to this community.

‘Made for More’ was founded and built on relationships. Everything we do is created in and flows through relationships. While working at a physically disabled school in Durban, South Africa, I started to discover and see the need to invest in so much more than just education and sport and that there was a deep longing to know and be known more holistically. As my relationships grew with the children, a deep yearning for them to know that they were created for more began to stir in my heart. While journeying with a boy, Ranetsi Manyoni and seeing the affect that sport had in transforming his life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I began to wonder why it should stop there. ‘Made for More’ uses sport as a vehicle to bring hope, build relationships, and instill morals and values, while equipping and giving athletes the opportunity to pursue their sporting careers provincially and on a National level. When coaching, we don’t just focus on a physical, one dimensional level, but we seek to go deeper and to invest in the heart of the athlete. We desire our brothers and sisters to break free from societies conformities and stigma’s about who they are and what they can do, and discover that that are ‘Made for More’. We desire to see hearts and minds renewed as well as filled with a unique passion and purpose for their lives. We desire to see this people group restored and filled with love, acceptance and hope for a better future.

What we do?
1. High performance coaching and chaplains to elite sportsman and existing teams within the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal and South Africa;
2. Value based activities and exercise programs to children with disabilities within schools and existing organisations around the province;
3. Community projects
4. Sport camps that focus on 3 dimensional coaching on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
5. Leadership camps that invest in, and cater for people with disabilities;
6. Surf Therapy (Adaptive surfing program) in which we teach water safety, life skills and how to body board and surf.
7. Swimming lessons and water safety for persons with disabilities
8. Discovery bible studies and life groups for those who desire to go deeper or learn more about the Christian faith.
9. Trainings to help organisations, churches, ministries and businesses to become inclusive, adaptive and accessible for people with disabilities.
10. Offer clinical and psychosocial support for people with disabilities.
11. Linking people with disabilities to job and entrepreneurial opportunities via our partnering Career Guidance Center

Blue Roof Life Space
Our offices are based in the Blue Roof life space in Wentworth. This partnership allows us to extend our service delivery and offer a wider range of help and healing services.
Blue Roof’s vision is to offer a Life Space where children, youth and their families can HEAL, DREAM and CREATE. Their mission is to disrupt the difficulties stacked against children & youth in the community, by offering friendship & support, health & educational services, & creative opportunities that can break the damaging cycles in the community.
By partnering with Blue Roof to reach all people in and around the community, we now offer the following services:
Offer clinical and psychosocial support for people with disabilities.
A career centre offering support for students & young adults to assist them in making the right subject & career choice, & to link them into job or entrepreneurial opportunities. This is especially needed and helpful for people with disabilities.
Fun and fresh platforms that enable children & youth to explore, create & learn through Art, Dance, Photography & Film workshops, Music, Sport & After-School programs.