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Ashraful Aid

During a time, when things were tough; money and accessibility was scarce, the Ashraful Organisation took the problems faced by local communities to heart and served to restore their honour; their lives, their families, their daily bread. It was in 1994, that the Ashraful organisations were born to serve and honour the South African and Mozambican communities.
Ashraful meaning ‘honourable’, has always been the cornerstone of the organisation. And has become a well-known name amongst South African and African local communities affected by natural disasters. It is through this honour, amongst the people, that Ashraful Aid has now emerged, to serve and access 135 global communities affected by disaster, famine and war.
Ashraful Aid seeks to encompass humans from all walks of life to come together and assist one another for the upliftment and wellness of mankind. The core focus of our organisation is beyond colour, caste or creed; we are for humanity and honour we hope to bring to humanity, through honourable means.