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Madwa Eswatini

By empowering women, Madwa empowers communities: through their employment, the craftswomen creating Madwa products are able to provide and care for themselves, their families and those around them. While the Madwa Foundation has set up programmes to support specific needs of the eSwatini community, it is primarily through their craft that these female artisans are able to empower themselves by the creation of greatly prized pieces of exceptional quality. Madwa believes in empowerment through employment, and has since 2012 assisted the women of eSwatini to uplift themselves and their communities through craft. The Madwa Foundation supports these artisans in achieving financial independence, providing training, infrastructure, and access to national and international markets, as well as community interventions that aim to address social issues facing women in rural eSwatini. Madwa supports rural communities in eSwatini by sharing the area’s rich tradition of artisanal weaving, enabling the region’s women to earn an income to empower themselves, their families and their communities through craft. Madwa has built two handcraft centres in the HhoHho Valley and Manzini areas. Madwa’s facilities are taking on an increasingly important role as community centres: a secure space for women to work and supervise children and grandchildren. To support Madwa’s mission, we are developing a literacy programme and exploring partnerships with NGOs to combat HIV through early detection and treatment. Madwa encourages learning about water and soil conservation, and has vegetable gardens at its community centres. We are also providing vital food aid during the time of COVID -19