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Magical Moments

Magical Moments reaches out to abused, abandoned, disadvantaged, impoverished, neglected, orphaned, underprivileged and vulnerable children, living in the greater Johannesburg region. Many of the children are infected/affected by HIV/Aids, TB, cancer and other diseases. There are children living in the most dire and horrendous circumstances and environments, left to fend for themselves, exposed to alcoholism, prostitution, sexual and drug abuse, extreme neglect, ignorance, poverty, illiteracy, violence, apathy and other social ills - children “living with life-threatening diseases”. Many of these children have or will be raped, sodomised or may not even reach double digits. Children unseen, living on the fringe who fall through the cracks as they are not all “AIDS” orphans and therefore don’t get support; parent(s) who earn below minimum wage, some children live in small, dark backyard rooms, in shacks. Many are children or grandchildren of domestic workers or gardeners.

Our vision is to gift the children with unconditional love and kindness, compassion, dignity and respect, and most of all, gentleness. We “fill empty wishing wells, planting seeds for wishes to grow”.

We take thousands of children, and all their senses, on a magical journey for a few hours, to discover and explore a different world, so vastly different from their own, so that they know that another world exists - to feed and nourish every one of their senses and precious souls - from top to toe and everywhere in between. We give children, during their most vital years of their life, the opportunity to see a world beyond their own so they can experience life and learn that the borders of the squatter camp, shack or room are not the borders of their world or their potential. We are passionate about Early Childhood Development and give children who live in a dark and bleak world, a chance to experience pure magic, so that they can learn to wish. And then learn to dream. And then see a world of so much more. A world of possibilities.