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Malka Ella Fertility Fund

The birth of a child is a miracle. For those who are able to conceive naturally it might even be taken for granted. For those who face the challenge of infertility it is a heartrending struggle. The biblical story of Avraham and Sarah's struggle to conceive mirrors many modern-day couples' struggle to become parents. Today unfortunately, physical, spiritual and emotional pain is exacerbated by the financial pressure endured by these couples in their quest to achieve parenthood.

Fifteen years ago a devoted group of Jewish men and women realised the need for a community fund to provide Jewish couples with financial assistance and emotional support. This was the beginning of the Malka Ellla Fertility Fund. To date, the Fund has financed and supported numerous fertility and adoption procedures, which have resulted in more than 130 babies being born or adopted. Our sages urge us to utilise every possible facility available to have children and create a Jewish family. The Malka Ella Fertility Fund believes that financial constraints should never be an obstacle in achieving this dream.