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Mama Ntombi's Community Projects

Mama Ntombi's Community Projects has been working in the Jika Joe and Ezinketheni Informal Settlements since 2007 offering support, encouragement and practical assistance to the children and the wider community. Most, if not all the children, live in abject poverty and barely have enough food to eat, let alone decent and clean clothing. Their outreach programmes includes a weekly life skills session, teaching the children good values and morals and giving them hope and encouragement so that they can focus on their studies and pursue a career in order to change their present circumstances. Our main focus areas are:
o Early Childhood Education as there are currently no crèches or preschools in Ezinketheni
o Financial Assistance for school uniforms, shoes, bags and stationery
o Home visits to identified vulnerable children at risk
o Career Guidance,
o Mentorship and Coaching Programme for Grade 11-12 Learners.
o Lifeskills and feeding programme for children aged between 2 and 18 on Sunday afternoons.
o Reading and Book Clubs
o Workplace experience/internship and mentorship for University Students.
o Nutrition – Breakfast Clubs
o Trauma Counselling through Play Therapy – assisting 128 children for the year.
o HIV & AIDS and TB workshops
o Basic Hygiene
o Strengthening family support.
o Elderly Care
o Poverty alleviation
 Provision of food hampers for destitute families
 Providing clothes and other essentials.
 Grant application assistance.
 Developing Sustainable food gardens and support to Cooperatives.
o Disaster Relief in the current areas of our operation mostly at the Jika Joe Informal Settlement.
o Animal Welfare
o Sports Clubs and Cultural Activities