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Little Fighters Cancer Trust

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust is a registered NPO with PBO status and is a Level 4 B-BEEE Contributor.

This Organization started five years ago, to offer Support to Children with Cancer and their Families in the Drakenstein region. However, due to the level of service delivery, it was not long before pleas for assistance reached them from all over South Africa.

This Organization, with a permanent staff compliment of three and which operates from a lounge in suburban Paarl, is now fully operational in across the entire country, offering practical, targeted and individualised support to Children with cancer and their Families.

It is easier to say that there is NOTHING this Organization will not Support a Child with Cancer or his/ her Family with, as long as they have the resources to do so. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust also has a NO-TURNAWAY Policy, ensuring that no one Child with Cancer or Family who needs assistance, is excluded.

There ar FOUR main areas of work which LFCT concentrates on:

Hospital Ward Support

The Little Fighters Caner Trust expands all it’s Support Projects to 14 Paediatric Oncology Hospital wards across South Africa, with each project reaching up to 2 000 Children with Cancer, plus their primary bedside care-giver, which is usually the child’s mother.

Hospital Ward Support includes providing new, decent bedding to every child in the wards, ensuring children have pyjamas, toiletries and clothing, provision of educational toys or activity sets as well as spoil items (Birthdays and Christmas), Mother’s Day lunches, birthday parties, Christmas deliveries, emergency items needed, and so much more.

2. Individual Childhood Cancer affected Families

Childhood Cancer affected Families are hard hit by the diagnosis of a Child with Cancer. One of the parents, usually the Mother, will leave her employment to take care of the diagnosed child.

With less income and many more expenses, even if the child is treated by a State Hospital, Families lose their homes, their vehicles, sell their furniture for petrol money to and from hospital, cannot provide for the siblings, and generally cannot cope with the emotional or financial strain of having a Child diagnosed with cancer.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust assists with provision of clothing, bedding, shoes, petrol monies to and from hospital, medical equipment needed for home-care, monthly groceries and cleaning materials, outings for the Family when needed and when possible….and much more.

In addition to the above, the Little Fighters Cancer Trust also offers direct emotional and moral Support, 24/7, 365 days a year.

3. Children with Cancer housed in Places of Safety

Children with Cancer are also often housed in Places of Safety on recommendation from their treating Oncologist. This would be in cases where the Child’s home circumstances do not allow for the general betterment of the Child’s health in-between hospitalization periods. For example, there might be no running water or ablution facilities, no electricity, no income, no responsible adults or access to medical facilities in the area.

The Little Fighters Cancer Trust will provide these Wards with anything they might need, which may include toiletries, bedding, clothing, shoes, educational and playground toys and activity sets, nutritional support, food hampers to take home over holiday periods. The Little Fighters Cancer Trust also takes these Children on outings, hosts parties for them and includes them in projects such as the LFCT Christmas Elf Project.

4. Childhood Cancer Awareness

Promoting and advocating Childhood Cancer Awareness is a major priority for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust. Less than a third of the actual amount of new Childhood Cancer cases is diagnosed in South Africa annually. This is tragic, as 70% of all Childhood Cancers is 100% curable IF diagnosed in time. In South Africa however, most Childhood Cancer cases are not diagnosed, resulting in Children never having had the chance of treatment or surviving. Early diagnosis will save lives.

Please take note of the colour GOLD representing all 12 major types of Childhood Cancer, much like the colour pink represents breast cancer awareness.