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Mandy van Heerden

Orion Mission was registered as an NPO with the purpose of providing assistance and providence to children who are being raised by a sole parent. In South Africa, more than 48% of children grow up with only one parent present. In many of these cases, the secondary caregiver is not present in the child's life due to death or by choice. Raising a child to be a productive member of society is already a difficult task for two parents, let alone if one parent has to do it completely alone. There are many concerns when it comes to children being raised by a sole parent such as the child's emotional needs, trauma experienced during the separation of the parents or within the family and financial implications due to only one income having to fund an entire household. It is easy to tell a sole parent to apply for a Maintenance Order, however, the Court is full and these cases can take years to come to a conclusion and the sole parent and child do not receive any financial relief until such a time. This process is also emotionally draining and often causes trauma for both the parent and the child. The Founding Members of Orion Mission has made it the goal of the organisation to assist in these cases so the child involved will not grow up with a disadvantage due to these circumstances. We strive to provide emotional support, trauma therapy, financial assistance in the form of food parcels, clothing and blankets as well as skills development to help a sole parent escape these circumstances. Orion Mission is currently based in Pretoria East and assist throughout Pretoria with the vision of expanding to a national level.