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Kunene Foundation

Kunene Foundation is a volunteer community based organization that has been formed as a result of poor performance of children in specific subjects like languages and mathematics in particular. The fact that parents work for longer hours and come back home to be with their children late
The main focus of the After School Care Centre is to provide care, taking the children out of the streets where they learn bad behaviour and do criminal activities while their parents are still at work. The main objective is to improve the standard of education to both primary and high school children. The After School care centre comprises of a computer centre where learners from the age of 9 will receive computer lessons so as to cope with the digital world. The building of a laboratory will also assist children with their experiments practically, and this will enhance their interest and performance in science subjects. We are also planning to build a library, which will see children from an early age getting skills on how to use library materials, resources to do their research and improve their reading interest. The centre will also have a conference hall where the community, youth, churches and department can host their conferences and presentations to large groups.