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Lets Build Masibulele

Masibulele wants to give these children the opportunity to learn. A brick school will give these children a physically safer environment which will impact emotionally on the children, by allowing them to feel more secure, they will be able to learn more effectively. Every brick contributed, will help build the right kind of walls. Having new equipment and a new and SAFE structure will inspire the teachers to further educate the children in a nurturing and warm environment.

Help us educate the future adults of South Africa brick by brick, and ‘buy a brick’. A brick cost R5 and our aim is 80 000 ‘bricks’ to build this school. This structure will truly be built with the spirit of each contributor and in turn will emanate and inspire the spirit of giving to all that walks through the doors of the Masibulele School.

The power of togetherness is true, if we work towards a common goal, we can succeed at anything.