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Masifundisane Family And Childrens Ministry

Help us create a Circle of Hope.

​Give monthly.
The Giving Club is a passionate group of people who are committed to give what they can each and every month to create a Circle of Hope around children, youth, their families and their community. Your monthly donation of R50, R100, R150 or more can make a difference. Create Hope. When you join The Giving Club, you are investing in our educational reading programme and children and youth safety holiday programmes which benefit and make meaningful difference to our children and youth. We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa. This means any donations you make are tax deductible.

Account name:Masifundisane Family And Children's Ministry NPO
Account number:62730709328
Account type:Current account
Bank name:First National Bank
Branch Code:25055
Branch Address:Promenade Mall

Our Vision
We believe in a society where young leaders are nurtured through education so that they can take social responsibility in bettering society for the benefit of all.

Our Programmes

Educational Reading Programme
Our reading program is run at the community hall every Saturdays. We provide assistance to grade 1-4 learners who struggle to read and write. Our tutors offer one-on-one tutoring to struggling learners in the program with literacy and numeracy. For this program to be successful we engage with local schools and also conduct door to door campaign in selection of learners to be involve in our program.

Children and Youth Safety Holiday Progrmames
This program is aimed at equipping children and youth with different life skills which they can use in their day to day living. The program significantly helps to reduce incidences of crime, depression, teen pregnancy and drug use. We conduct holiday programs in June and December which create safe home to children and youth during the school holidays, we regularly invite resourceful people who succeeded from the same communities to motivate our children and youth within the programs.