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Matla A Bana  A voice against child abuse

Matla A Bana A voice against child abuse

Matla A Bana helps more than 13000 children every year who report crimes against them. Most of these are girls between 8 and 12 years old and most have been raped. Matla A Bana. The projects:
ADOPTION PROJECT (Community Mobilisation)
Direct Impact : 2790 victims per year
Mobilising community groups to adopt and assist SAPS Family Violence,Child Protection and Sexual Offences Units and Sexual Offences Courts.

Direct Impact: 13 800 children per year
Minimising secondary abuse by creating child-friendly reporting facilities or rooms at police stations or hospitals. Including audio-visual recording facilities and two-way mirror, waiting area, assessment & monitoring room. More than 20 facilities already implemented

Indirect Impact : 12000 plus victims (Children and adults)
Training of officers of the law in special skills and legal aspects needed to deal with rape and abuse victims.

Indirect Impact : 5000 Children and adults per year
Training of medical practitioners in the specially developed course, Forensic Medical examination of child abuse and rape victims and expert witnessing in court.

COMFORT PACKS (Victim support)
Supplying comfort packs to SAPS FCS officers and rape clinics to give to the child when the crime is first reported. The pack contains items that will emotional, physical and emergency needs of the child.

UNIQUE PROJECTS (Advocacy and crime prevention)
Indirect Impact : 500 000 Plus
Awareness, advocacy, crime prevention, support and training projects. Includes national media campaigns, community awareness projects, implementation of child protection policies etc.

Indirect impact : 850 child victims
Awarding Gauteng Child Protection Detectives who have gone beyond the call of duty in helping child victims by hosting a bi-annual award ceremony.

Indirect Impact : 10 000 plus children
To assist the forensic social workers based at the FCS units by hosting training courses to be better equipped in dealing with child abuse cases.