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The Tygerberg Hospice Trust

Our care has had an impact at many levels, on individuals, patients and families, on the health care system and on society. Despite the harsh economic climate, we continue to provide specialised services to our community free of charge. The overall objective of our programs is to provide quality, holistic care to enable patients to continue to live in their communities, thus averting premature and inappropriate hospitalisation. We strive to ensure continuity of care for patients that have been dehospitilised; to empower the patient, their family and the community sufficiently by ensuring to deliver high quality care and long term support; to allow for sufficient capacity building to ensure the autonomy and the functional independence of the individual, the family and caregiver; to expedite patient referrals from the institutions to the community and from the community to the appropriate health and social facilities; to reduce unnecessary visits and admissions to health facilities and to empower the patient, the carer and community through education and training.