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“BLOSSOM” is a project that was birthed from the Mothers for Wellington community organisation. As the desire grew to serve, equip and empower both children and parents, we envisioned them bringing transformation and reformation to their communities, through a process of healing the hearts of all generations.
We are convinced that “whole and healthy” parents will produce “whole and healthy” children. “BLOSSOM” gives moms from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to learn how to dream again. In group settings these women share their childhood memories, the sweet as well as the bitter, the good times and the bad times. They also share what things they would have liked to have and would like to see different for their children, thus creating a picture of their “preferred past”. This picture is then drawn in a simple animation illustration, transferred onto a cushion for example, and decorated with simple hand embroidery and needlepoint work. Through this every lady’s story is presented in powerful visual way. Her story is also written on a label that is fixed to the article. These handwork articles portray powerful images, stories , and values. Stories of heartache, forgiveness, love, disappointment, hope, and a sense of purpose, jump from these articles. We want to take these life-changing stories to brighten up children’s and living rooms across the world. Our goal is healing and restoration of hope, where every lady believes she has the ability to make a difference in the transformation of their community. May these visual stories change and transform the hearts of families wherever they decorate a living space.