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Mazarat Animal Rescue

Mazarat Animal Rescue is a registered NPO & PBO (able to provide Section 18A receipts) based in Waterfall KZN. We are a pro quality of life, safe haven for rescue animals, that endeavours to rescue, rehabilitate, sterilize and rehome rescued, abandoned and surrendered dogs and cats. All rehoming is done after a Home Check is passed and Adoption papers have been completed, the animal is vaccinated and sterilized before they go to their new homes. Mazarat Animal Rescue relies solely on the generosity and support of the public, it's supporters, donors and Volunteers in order to operate. We run and attend various fund raising events in order to bring in much needed funds. These monies are used to medicate, provide veterinary treatments, sterilize, feed rescues, and have a regular staff member/volunteer on the premises to care for our rescues.