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Merencia Scholtz

El-Shammah Home for Abandoned Babies and Place of Safety (herein after referred as ‘the home’ is a NON Profit Organization (NPO) duly registered under registration number NPO 066-870.
The Home is situated at 5 Carnation Street, Primrose Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa and was officially opened on 13 May 2009.
The main objective and vision of the home is to care for Abandoned and Unwanted Babies from nu-born until approximately 12 months as a place of safety.
The Mission of the Home is to facilitate a safe and neat home environment where the babies can find a place of love, care, and protection and where they can experience true motherly nourishment physically, spiritually, and emotionally through full time qualified and trained are givers on a 24/7 basis.
At full capacity the three bedroom Home can accommodate 18 babies in the age groups of nu-born- 3 months, 4-6 months and 7-12 months respectively. The home is a community project caring for babies of all races. At least 99% of the babies at the Home are black South African Babies.
The past two and a half years posed the great need for this facility in the surrounding communities as babies are regularly brought into the Home by the South African Police Service (SAPS) and various Social Workers and Child Welfare organizations.
As a Non Profit Organization the Home fully depends on public donations to keep its doors open and deliver the specialized service to precious needy children. Sometimes it is not easy due to limited financial means which constrains the effective operation and vision of the home.
El-Shammah Home for Abandoned Babies and Place of Safety will appreciate and be grateful for any donation (monetary or otherwise) towards the effective fulfillment of this vision and mission to love, care and protect abandoned, unwanted and or needy babies.