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Mighty Development In All Directions

Our organization’s mission is to develop teachers at disadvantaged schools to become skilled coaches, who can, in turn, be able to provide quality coaching to students.

Along with the coaching assistance, we will provide sporting facilities to those schools where it is lacking, using our expertise to plant grass, paint lines, supply sports gear, build multi-purpose sporting halls and anything else that can benefit the school’s sporting ability, allowing them to compete in leagues.

Children who are eager to participate but are excluded due to the school’s insufficient qualified coaching and proper facilities will, with our help, be able to enjoy the level of sporting opportunities the rest of the country has.

In our research, we have established that there are far too many schools in the country that enjoy nowhere near to the same opportunities as privileged schools. Out of approximately 25,000 public schools, more than half are no-fee schools, with a poor surrounding community and a lack of infrastructure.

One example is Tsakane Primary, a little school in Gauteng with over 1,000 learners despite its physical size. Their soccer field constitutes a serious health hazard, with concrete in the play area and severely uneven patches of dry grass. The netball field is just gravel and they have constructed their own Long-Jump pit out of makeshift materials and sand with no lines.
In a letter from the principle to us it reads:

“Our school is built next to a Secondary school which doesn’t have space and as a result, there’s no even a single sporting facility in their yard. As neighbors, we are sharing with them our grounds when they have sporting events. The community as well uses our facilities during weekends and holidays.”

The implication being that they are not only catering to a large number of students of their own school, but also to their neighboring school’s pupils, basically doubling the need for better-maintained fields and expertise in sports.

*See our visual presentation accompanying this document. Also, see our website for a map containing the poorest schools in the country by province at the Target Maps section.

This is by no means an isolated scenario. As can be seen in our Target Maps, many schools share this problem. Many are far worse off, with no grass fields at all and no ability to properly assist learners who are eager to compete in a sport.

These children have just as much a right to participate as any other government school learner, but it is plain to see that the odds are stacked heavily against them.

The number of schools suffering from this is staggering. In a country striving for equal opportunities, we feel that this should be seen as a priority.

Sport is a socially engaging activity that enables personal growth, inspires challenge and breeds motivation. Cases such as these make it plain to see where our work lies.