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Mingcele Africa NPC

Mingcele Africa NPC

During the lockdown, schools are closed but teaching not.
We do not know when schools will re-open and therefore we
started a project supplying our teachers, parents and learners
(grade 1 to 7) with mathematics lesson plans and worksheets.
This is supported by video - helping to keep our learners mentally fit.

Mingcele Africa also partnered with SATeacher to develop the future of education.

We are developing OPSA (Online Primary School Academy) which is a 3-year project.

This school will assist teachers and parents to deliver CAPS content to their children.

It covers Grade R to 7 content for all the subjects, developed and uploaded aligned to CAPS (What learners need to know)
and International Education models (How we need to deliver/teach the content).

We have already built an easy to use a framework and have uploaded over 1 000 activities.

Please go and visit our page at:

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Thank you for your support to education in South Africa.