Cause Index

MIssion2 NPC

To reach within the Rustenburg rural area the 110 villages, 35 of these villages within 2019.
By doing practical research within these 35 villages to identify the following.
State of the local church within the villages
Individuals physical and mental needs within the village
Identifying people that has entrepreneurial skills and or ministerial skills to develop
By doing practical outreach within the 35 villages.
Reach as many kids within a given village with the message of hope
Addressing abuse, trauma and billing with a message of hope
Introduction to the Christian faith
Allowing them to have a fun day with our kids jumping castle project.
Assist people with them basic health care and advice
To identify their diabetic status and HIV status.
To provide basic health assessments and advice.
Teach people about the Christian faith and demonstration His love.
Identify volunteer opportunities within the given communities.
To reach the shelters within the West Rand of Gauteng area, Krugersdorp
In the last five years there has been an increase in white South African living in shelters within the West Rand of Gauteng. We have identified a shelter “Grace house”
Provide basic health care to those in the Krugersdorp shelters.
Provide a meal for them one meal a week.
Provide a hear cut once a month.