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Midlands Meander Association Education Project

Midlands Meander Association Education Project

The Midlands Meander Association Education Project (MMAEP) provides curriculum support in rural and peri-urban schools within the area of the Midlands Meander Tourist Route in the KZN Midlands.

Our Main Focus Areas: Environment, Life Skills, Food Gardens, Libraries and Art.

The MMAEP aims to increase awareness of the importance of caring for the natural environment among all sectors of the community in the Midlands Meander area. Focusing on rural schools, it assists teachers to integrate environmental education into the teaching curriculum, with emphasis on wise resource use, creativity, sustainable living and community building.

Many schools are under-resourced and the skills and capacity of many educators are stretched. Our focus is on regular, ongoing educator support through co-teaching in a wide range of areas to support the UNESCO goal of Education for Sustainable Development. MMAEP fieldworkers bring specialist knowledge, enthusiasm and a new dimension to learning which we believe has a positive impact on the development of the 3262 learners attending schools which currently participate in the programme.