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MMM Academic Exellency

MMM Academic Excellence, trading as Maths and Science Academy (MASA) operates from a local school situated in Mogalakwena. Our motto is pretty simple �we build for the future� and our main objective is to instill a culture of learning amongst students by making education fun and exciting. Our organisation started operating in 2017 based on a need we identified and with more learners coming in MASA fully registered in 2018. In January of 2019 we saw hundreds of kids from different villages coming to register for extra lessons or Saturday lessons. What we offer
Extra Lessons � We provide extra lessons on Saturdays. Through this lessons, learners recap on the chapters they were taught and they are prepared for the week ahead. They are also given some assessments
Remote Classes � We operate remote learning through Whatsapp groups and on this platform learners are given an opportunity to ask questions. The platform also provides an opportunity to work on exercises as a group. These online classes run on a daily basis from 17h00 to 22h00 Monday to Friday and 09h00 to 5pm on Sundays.
Groceries � Once in a while we get a request from a learner requesting assistance in terms of groceries because both parents are unemployed. The founders would from their own pockets purchase groceries for the needy family
How we survive
Donations � we donate money monthly to survive
Monthly fee � Leaners are charged monthly fee of R150.00 used to pay teachers and tutors, and also to pay for the transport. About 35% of our learners don�t afford this premium
Good Samaritans � We are getting R3000 a month from a local business man as a subsidy for transport