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MoAfrika Ithlokomele Educational Projects

The organization facilitate youth skills development programmes in Information Communication Technology to enhance their participation in socioeconomic activities. The primary objective of the organization is to improve the socioeconomic conditions in which our people lives by providing various skills development programmes for creation of employment opportunities, eradication of poverty, crime and other societal illnesses. Our programmes are tailored to meet the diverse socioeconomic needs of our communities without any form of discrimination and marginalization. The organization is accredited by MICT SETA, ICDL and CISCO NEDCAD ACADEMY to offer Information Communication Technology (ICT) programmes and qualifications. We are also registered as IEB (Independent Examination Board) Examination Centre for Adult Education and Training Examinations. Our learners qualifies with highly in demand ICT qualifications and work based experience thus having competitive edge in their endeavour for economic opportunities. We pride ourselves to be a centre of excellence and institute of higher learning in Information Communication Technology Training and development.
The Executive Board of Mo-Afrika Ithlokomele is made up of individuals with vast experience in a widespread of specialised areas ranging from HR, finance, marketing, health, education, political studies through to entrepreneurship. The members of the Board possess the right mix of skills, knowledge and expertise to run a successful organisation. The Organisation will hence forth maintain the same mix of skills as the Board believes it is the most balanced!