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Phelang Bonolo Foundation

Phelang Bonolo Foundation, which means “Live better” in Sesotho, is a registered non-profit organisation that aims to help disadvantaged communities around South Africa. We have identified schools in poor communities that are in need of sanitary products for their school girls as well as toiletries and school shoes for both male and female pupils. Our aim is not only to restore the dignity and pride of school children but to make certain that they are able to attend school every day and perform to the best of their capabilities without having to worry about things that they unfortunately have no control over.
Since the inception, our Foundation has benefited 5 schools in the Limpopo Province. The main focus of our Foundation #KeepingYouthInSchool at the moment, as mentioned above, is sanitary products, toiletries as well as shoes, especially for those that need them the most.
Our next handover is in Delarayville in the North West Province, with 3 Schools identified as beneficiaries for the project, and the handover will take place on the 28th September 2017. The schools are as follows:
• Moshote Primary School, Khunwane Secondary School and Mogogwane High School