Cause Index

Mohanji Foundation South Africa

4.1. To promote the message of non-violence, freedom, liberation, purity, faith and unconditional love beyond man-made barriers including species, nationality, colour, culture, caste, sex, age and religion, as exemplified and taught by Mohanji. 4.2. To consolidate, organise, support, connect, and maintain the standards of any groups, initiatives, properties, institutions, meditations, affiliates and other activities coordinated by the organisation under the teachings and guidance of Mohanji. 4.3. To promote, make accessible, spread and otherwise disseminate audio, visual, literary, digital, video or other media relating to the life, message and teachings of Mohanji. 4.4. To support and provide financial and other assistance to any needy, impoverished, disenfranchised, abandoned, handicapped and otherwise disadvantaged peoples and communities and to work in this vein with any other individual, group or organisation. 4.5. To contribute to the protection of nature, the environment and the well-being of all living beings through its own projects and the support of other non-profit organizations.