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Molo Songololo

Molo Songololo

Molo Songololo’s programmes aim to advance the rights and protection of children. The organisation provides direct support to children in need of care and protection. We empower children with skills that builds their human dignity, self-esteem, social confidence, and increase their future prospects. We also educate and train those who work with children and raise awareness and advocate about children in difficult circumstances.
Those who benefit directly from Molo Songololo’s work are mainly children from poor and rural families, schools and communities. They are children who often face un-imaginable hardships and who live with a constant threat of neglect, abuse and violence.
Without a dedicated Board of Trustees, staff, volunteers and funders; Molo Songololo would not have been able to make a significant difference into the lives of children who are sexually abused and exploited; informed and educated children about the rights and responsibilities; motivated children to make positive life-choices and complete their schooling; and capacitate parents and service provider to support children; and develop policies and programmes that benefit children.
Recently, Molo Songololo’s direct influence resulted in the South Africa government setting up a National Inter-governmental Task Team to Combat Trafficking in Persons, 2003, develop a National Plan of Action Against Trafficking in Persons; adopting and implementing a National 2010 FWC Child Protection Plan; as well as drafting a National Policy Framework Against Child Exploitation, 2011. The organisation also participate in various national and provincial government and NGO forums concerning the rights and protection of children.
In the present economic climate and ever increasing price hikes it is extremely challenging for Molo Songololo to sustain its operational, infrastructure and development costs. This forced the organisation to explore new fundraising opportunities and enter into partnerships with other organisations and share resources. Limited funds are preventing us from maintaining and expanding key services for child victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking in children.
Your support and financial contributions, big or small, can make a big difference and help us help more children. You are also welcome to sponsor individual children to part-take in our empowerment activities. So, if you are interested to make a grants, donations or kind contribution to the organisation; don’t hesitate to contact us or set up appointment to visit us. We looking forward to hear from you!