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Moonprint Concerts for the earth

Moonprint works with events companies and arts festivals to recycle their events, and to attract attention to and bring across the message of recycling and a healthier environment. We also do various other follow-up or advance tangible and pro-active actions, such as educational projects at schools, establishing recycling facilities in public spaces, public clean-ups, et cetera.

A seriously cool non-profit organisation that have created a national ‘green portal’ through which we refocus the people of our country’s attention on to how we are damaging this planet and the environment – and, more importantly, what can be done to salvage it.

Recycling and environmental organisations are invited to join the Moonprint initiative and climb onto the green band wagon to wherever these concerts and its aligned activities are taking us.

Sponsors are encouraged to join the chorus of awareness, by actually contributing to sustainable, tangible recycling and clean-up actions. Eventually, also to assist in lobbying with the government to enforce environmental and recycling laws – laws which are already in existence.