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Morris Isaacson Centre for Music

The Morris Isaacson Centre for Music (MICM) opened it's doors in 2012 to provide the children of it's surrounding community with music education. The benefits, to society and to the individual, of access to music education and training are well documented. Studies have demonstrated that when music education is made available, there are tangible results in terms of better focus and concentration, better-developed self-motivation and in general far better academic and social performance among schoolchildren. We see music as a tool for human development. Music can trigger beneficial psycho-physic mechanisms that cannot be induced by any other activity as effectively.

MICM is a joint collaboration between the late, philanthropist and Cape Gate chairman Mendel Kaplan and Robert Brooks (CEO of MIAGI – Music is a Great Investment). In 2008, Mendel Kaplan, agreed to fund the
construction of a music centre on the premises of the Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto through his
foundation, the Kaplan Kuschlick Foundation. The Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music (CMCM) building, the
first of its kind in any South African township was inaugurated in May 2011. Full operations started at the
beginning of 2012. In 2018, the Centre decided to re-brand itself and is now called the Morris Isaacson
Centre for Music (MICM).