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Mosito wa Afrika

Mosito wa Afrika is a Non-Profit Organisation that develops, hosts and facilitates awareness and prevention programmes that address the most prevalent and serious of social problems that South African schools, companies, and communities face that include racism, gang violence, substance abuse, the abuse of women and children, among others.

Mosito custom designs programmes ranging from awareness programmes a few hours in duration to treatment programmes a few months in duration. We connect experts in various fields to fulfill the roles deemed necessary to achieve the programme’s objectives – which is always the alleviation of a given social problem.

MoŠito Has Two Primary Aims:
1. To structure and manage social-change workshops that…

1a. Foster healing, understanding and empathy among particularly young people through guided conversation, communication, co-created solutions, having fun and growing together, and contributing our learnings to each other’s lives. Specifically targeted are the areas of culture, religion, race, and gender.

1b. Address characterisations of people, cultures, races, religions and behaviours that have been identified as preventing unity, tolerance, healing, and understanding.

1c. Give our youth hope for a future through musicianship training, career training and skills development, entrepreneurship training and opportunities, life coaching and psychological support.

2. To cultivate strategic partnerships with individuals, companies, and non-profit organisations who are able to contribute to these social upliftment projects in the form of skills, products, knowledge, finances, and/or volunteers.

Purpose-built activities are strategically incorporated to create receptivity to change, healing, changed paradigms, positive mindsets, a sense of purpose in users, and to develop skills.

1. Create a “Beautiful State” – Receptivity to Change

2. Strategic Conversations – Dealing with Dis-Empowering Beliefs

3. Deal With the Past

4. Create a Compelling Alternative – a Vision to Strive For

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