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Mothers for All

Mothers for All was started in 2008 to help children orphaned or made vulnerable by the AIDS epidemic in southern Africa. The organisation began operating in Botswana and then spread to South Africa in 2010. It was decided that the most sustainable way to help these children was to help their mainly female caregivers. We therefore introduced training programmes in income generation, food gardening and money management. An initiative to support further educational and training programmes for both the children and their caregivers was added in 2010. In South Africa we also worked with a group of male prisoners who had started their own inmate HIV peer education project as well as an orphan outreach programme.

In 2012 one of our most dynamic and beloved Botswana mothers, Hilda Amon, was brutally murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend. This encouraged us to launch a subsidiary movement called Brothers for All with the aim of fostering a supportive attitude towards women and children as well as providing opportunities for unemployed male youth, prisoners and parolees to give back to society. We are currently supporting programmes in the prisons and community which encourage healthier and happier choices in a variety of situations ranging from sexual relationships to the care of vulnerable children.