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Mother Soul Youth Development

• To see young people empowered through knowledge of HIV/AIDS.
• Create Society free of HIV/AIDS, stigma and teenage pregnancy where young people enjoy healthy lives.

Mission Statement:
• To eradicate HIV/AIDS in order to achieve a healthy, life, secure, responsible and supportive society for all young people and girl children.

Professionalism, Integrity, respect, commitment and dedication, accountability, transparency, tolerance and a willingness to learn.

• To facilitate HIV prevention and intervention strategies, care and support for adolescents and youth living with HIV/AIDS.
• To render psycho social support through implementation of Home Community Based Care Services.
• Eradicate HIV/AIDS and poverty in our communities.
Curriculum Objectives:
• To encourage increased understanding of and open dialogue about HIV/AIDS
• To diminish stigma around HIV/AIDS
• To educate and empower youth to make informed decisions related to HIV/AIDS
• To educate participants about HIV/AIDS prevention techniques, including abstinence, fidelity and condoms.
• To inform youth about services available in Government health centres
• To address issues of gender and the roles people play in relationships
• To provide youth with feeling of hope and a reason to stay alive and healthy
• To empower youth to deliver their own HIV prevention messages to their community.

Is to equip 15 different young people for Six weeks throughout the year with life skills, HIV/AIDS presentation skills, prevention and intervention skills including problem solving. These people are going to do prevention back to their peer groups.
1. Workshops.
2. Educating young people about HIV/AIDS.
3. Drug abuse awareness from schools, Sports clubs and homes.
We have already equipped 310 youth in Ilinge and Machini with Life Skills in schools. Skills offered Presentation skills, HIV/AIDS and substance education, Prevention and Intervention.
Why concerned about HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS and drug abuse affects every walk of life, and has a profound influence on everything we do, in our closest relationships, at home, at school, and colleges not a single day goes by without a reference to the pandemic in the news papers Just as the virus infects the body and every cell in the body, so it affects every single person living on this earth. The virus has destroyed the innocent hope, desires and plans of countless numbers of young people whose lives has been cut short by an unseen enemy.
HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy has reached pandemic status in Ilinge particularly amongst the youth, escalating social problem leads to academic failure, absenteeism from school, bad household environment and poverty.
Educating (15) fifteen young people for (2) two weeks this will ensure that communities play an important role in the aftercare services. And reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy and therefore a strong element of all programmes must be prevention awareness rising.

2. Community health and welfare.
3. Research and information dissemination.
4. District and Provincial involvement.
5. Education.
6. Teenage pregnancy.
7. Youth.
Orphaned and Vulnerable Children:
In this division (OVC) we deal with children who are vulnerable and orphaned, children that they do not receive Government support such as decent home, education, food, clothes and grants. Here are the following things that we do, on the 24th of April 2012 we started to make door to door.
o We look for children who do not have both parents
o Children who do not have birth certificate
o Children who do get social grants but their parents are misusing the grant
o For parents who are unable to receive Government grants because, they do not have Identity documents.
o Reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy related activities.
o Give counselling to victims of rape.
o Develop and implement training programmes on the detection of HIV/AIDS.
o Reduce the level of HIV/AIDS within our communities.
o Give counselling to infected individuals.
o Promote condom use, abstinence and one partner one lover.
o Encourage healthy living.
o Give workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness.
o Ensure that our facilitators offer effective programme on HIV/AIDS education giving youth the facts,
warning them of risks, and helping them to develop the skills and attitudes to reduce unsafe sex.
o Develop effective provincial and local public education strategies focusing particularly on young people
And ensure that young people infected with HIV/AIDS and victims of rape get access to a range of advice, counselling,
and aftercare services.
o Discourage youth from doing unsafe sex and to enable those who so to stop.
o Develop and implement training programmes on the detection of HIV/AIDS.


o Establish and maintain HIV/AIDS information system which will support the implementation,
evaluation and ongoing development of Mother Soul Youth Development indaba action plan.
o Coordinate the collection and dissemination provincially nationally derived information
of relevance to substance abuse and HIV/AIDS intervention.
o Evaluate national and international developed intervention approaches and determine which modifications are required for success in the local context.
o To ensure that all education materiel and other information disseminated is extenxually correct,
that is in a form and language appropriate to the culture, language and level of education.
Life skills Training
Develop life skills training programmes for young people from ages of 16 to 35.
In self-employment and income generating activities and HIV/AIDS.
Promote recreational activities Engage the community at large in recreational activities that will keep them
Pre-occupied and in a positive healthy state of mind that will promote HIV/AIDS
Awareness and discourage teenage pregnancy.
Distribution of peer group educators
And visual aid for needy areas and
Where HIV/AIDS are very high Proper allocation of peer group educators in all areas where HIV/AIDS is too high

Role Modelling Using the positive role model technique to denounce unsafe sex and teenage
Pregnancy and cultivate culture of living sober through campaigns and
Celebrities in the province.