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Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation

Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisaiton proposes to continue the work it has accomplished in its nine focus areas to date and to scale up its existing programs:
•Home based care for infected and affected individuals including people with disabilities
o Ensure the sustainability of community based organizations established by Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation
o Ensure continued support and training of 200 home based care volunteers who care for HIV and AIDS affected and infected communities in uThukela District
o Expand care-providing capacity and increase training opportunities for home for home-based caregivers in HIV/AIDS Treatment Literacy, Ancillary Health Care, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing Training
•Care for orphans and vulnerable children.
oEnsure the sustainability of 18 existing halfway houses (childcare centres/drop-in centres) located in rural areas of uThukela District, KwaZulu Natal
oCreate a reliable database of orphans and vulnerable children in the rural areas the project serves
oIncrease the number of children served by existing halfway houses
oIncrease the number of halfway houses in communities where reliable data shows a need
oInitiate a documentation programme to assist orphans and vulnerable children who do not have required documents to receive social grants from the South African government
oScale up education and prevention activities for youth
oEnhance psycho-social programming for orphans and vulnerable children to meet the children’s emotional as well as just their physical needs
•A Buddy programme and support groups for people living with HIV and AIDS

•Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation has opened 16 halfway houses (childcare centers/drop in centres) for orphans and vulnerable children in rural areas of the uThukela District of KwaZulu Natal. Each halfway house supports 20 to 30 children, with food, hygiene, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, and lay counseling, by volunteers in the community. At present, Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation’s halfway houses support approximately 490 children. Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation estimates that the 18 existing halfway houses reach only about 15% of the orphans identified in the areas it serves.

•Geographic reach
We are servicing 3 local municipalities i.e. Ladysmith, Indaka and Okhahlamba. Currently Mpilonhle is servicing approximately 15000 client including people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, TB and Cancer.
•We would like to ensure that all people with disabilities and their families are well cared for that have HIV/AIDS and accessible.

•Target Populations 90% of the clients being serviced is in our black communities and 10% are in other ethnic groups.
•According to the projects Mpilonhle needs, we request for funding from government, private sector, corporate etc.