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Mpumalanga Independent Youth Board

The service is needed to develop young people and equip them with skills to be marketed and be employable, The need was identified by a research that was conducted by Mr Excellent Mdluli that showed that a lot of young people don’t have the required skills to be employable which then leave the employer with no choice but not to employ them. This has resulted in local companies extracting talent and find their skilled labor from other places while there are young people who can complete the given task just that they don’t have the skills and capacity to do so. This project was then mandated to fight the changes faced by the youth and create every possible opportunity.
This programme will also grant access to the youth in fighting substance abuse.

This programmes was started following unrest and illegal strikes in our community that resulted in the property on the public and the private sector being damaged and a researched was done in our community that showed that a lot of people unemployed are between the ages of 18 and 35. Some of them it that they have no skills to work it is because they are not properly introduced to the job market they are not marketed.

Then idea of a programme like this came about in one of the community meetings Mr Mdluli then presented it and it was supported by other young people the that how the project came about until it was decided that the project should be registered and be recognized by relevant structures so that it could be able to play it role in community development.

Mpumalanga Independent Youth Board is an organization which aimed at enabling youth to make informed decision, Do Training and skills development programs for the Ermelo youth. That is
• Self-concept education
• Black consciousness philosophy
• Entrepreneurship development
• Career mentoring/ job preparation
• Life Skills programs
• Secretarial services
• Provide information campaigns project and workplace
• Some of the volunteers have been involved in community projects such as volunteerism and love life activities community development activities.
• To promote and monitor and co-ordinate youth development programs
• To lobby government resources with regard to information dissemination.
• To encourage indigenous games in the community of Msukaligwa
• To advocate youth on matters affecting the youth
• To provide life skills program
• To assist youth with talent search
• To provide youth on career guidance
The organization provides a free service. These services are very essentials towards developmental process of the youth in our communities. The establishment of the center has enabled a well-informed youth in the area which has built well informed communities.