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Our Mission Statement and Vision:
To identify the capability of refugees and initiate a closer and friendly relationship between the locals and the refugees so that all parties can equally play their respective roles in taking part in developing the communities they are living in and to prevent the repeat of the xenophobic attacks which affected South Africa

Our main objectives are to:
• Offer Employment advice
• Provide free English language courses
• Offer computer application skills.
• Provide specific books, aimed at uplifting the community, teaching refugees about their own cultures, religions and general academic textbooks.
• Provide HIV and Aids counselling and training to refugees and the local community.
• Provide life skills training in fields such as Tailoring, dress making, etc.
• Participate in academic, stakeholder and community meetings, engage and participate in community uplifting projects and create joint partnerships with special interest partners.
• To offer food parcels, clothes to both refugees and locals especially mothers and children and school items to refugee school going children.