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M&R Center of Excellence

M&R Centre of Excellence is a registered NPO and was established when it became abundantly clear that homes for our children are extremely scarce, and there are virtually no establishments out there that look after the children by constantly developing them, teaching them life skills and helping them to reach their own unique full potential. We are passionate about providing excellent care and learning in a safe, lovable homely environment.
Our learning center:
We want to assist our learners and residents to fit into everyday society and we provide a tailor made, individual programme with daily schedules and routines to assist them to reach obtainable goals and their full potential. We believe in providing a pressure free learning environment where they are free to learn and be who they are at their own pace.
Our residence:
We have a home where individuals can live, which is a home away from home, with amazing staff and parents who are involved in our home and learning center. Together we make a difference; together we take a stand towards autism awareness.
Our goal is to provide a place called home for our residents, where they live in a homely environment and where they can stay for the rest of their lives.
We have 24/7 care givers to ensure the children and adults receive the best possible care, love and assistance at all times.