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Mtunzini Conservancy


The vision of the Conservancy is to strengthen its effectiveness as an independent organisation and in coalition with other like-minded people and bodies to work proactively to achieve a greater Mtunzini area that is wisely managed by all to ensure long term environmental sustainability and thus diverse opportunities for all.


The mission of the Conservancy is the conservation, maintenance and rehabilitation of ecological systems, areas worthy of conservation from a biodiversity point of view and of the natural beauty of the open spaces and parks in the town for present and future generations.


5.1 Primary Objective: To promote through sound management the conservation of flora, fauna and natural habitats within the Conservancy thus maintaining the special character of Mtunzini both intrinsically and visually.

5.2 To promote public interest and participation in sound environmental practice, sustainable lifestyles and conservation and to educate, inform and advise property owners and residents within the Conservancy.

5.3 To monitor physical development in the area and if deemed necessary to object and oppose vigorously any proposed development that would not be in keeping with the mission statement and Primary Objective of the Conservancy.

5.4 To eradicate alien invasive vegetation and to establish and promote indigenous flora within the Conservancy and beyond.

5.5 To develop and maintain a Linked Open Space System within the Conservancy and beyond.

5.6 To develop and maintain hiking trails within the Conservancy and beyond.

5.7 To comment on matters of environmental concern in the Conservancy area and provide advice and expertise when appropriate and to lobby support from other people and organisations to uphold the mission and Primary Objective of the Conservancy.

5.8 To participate in local, district and possibly provincial strategic planning initiatives as these pertain to the long term vision and objectives of the Conservancy.

5.9 To promote eco-tourism in the Conservancy area and beyond.

5.10 To promote and encourage public awareness of the problems, concerns and achievements of the Conservancy.

5.11 To promote interest and participation in environmental education.

5.12 To raise funds to achieve the above objectives.


The aforesaid vision, mission statement and objectives are in accordance with the Purpose and main object as recorded in the Memorandum Of Association of the Conservancy as registered in terms of the Companies Act, 1973.