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Muslim Helping Hands

Muslim Helping Hands is a muslim community based non profit organisation situated in Cape Town. This page was created through personal hardships in life. I aspire to help any person, child, elderly in need of food. Poverty is major in South Africa and therefore i have initiated this organisation to provide to the needy. I myself grew up in a poverty stricken community and can relate to each family suffering in silence. With the help of my fellow muslim community or anyone wishing to contribute in any form or in any way by helping a hand to those less fortunate would make this initiative a huge success. Anyone in need can Inbox a request for help, it will be assessed and help will be provided. There are many charitable organisations in the world who does not have the support of the community and therefore cannot achieve what is set out by them, but if we stand together, reach out, help a hand, we can make this a better world. Currently all food parcels are funded by myself therefore i urge ALL to spread the word so that all those in REAL need are helped. Lets break the silence together. Ameen