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Muslim Response Unit

The Muslim Response Unit is a premier organization and a recognized leader in incident response in the communities wherein we operate. Membership in MRU enables incident response teams to more effectively respond to incidents impacting the communities we live in by providing access to best practices, tools, and trusted communication with member teams.

The mission of Project MRU’s Humanitarian Assistance program is twofold; provide emergency assistance where needed in our community and strengthen our various programs and facilities with trained volunteers ready to respond and make a difference.

Doing service for humanity is one of the greatest ways we can show our devotion to God. All of the revealed scriptures place great emphasis on helping others. In Islam, helping others and solving their problems is not only an important virtue, it is also a profound act of worship. It is a means of righteousness that promotes peace on Earth and allows us to earn God’s eternal reward in the Hereafter.

God likes it so much when we help others that He forgives us our sins for something as simple as moving some thorns out of the path where people walk.