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Mutumwa Mawere

THE 1873 NETWORK is a not for profit, non-partisan organization duly registered in terms of the laws of South Africa to represent the interests of members who include individuals and corporate members, organized into a global community, sharing a common passion and desire to build a new African identity focusing on returning Africa to its 1873 pre-colonial state, united in personality and character.

The patriotism of members of the network knows no geographical but only African values-based limits. This is a network of persons of African heritage including any other person who believes that freedom, respect of the rule of law, choice and knowledge can provide reliable bridges to prosperity.

Our members are African values-based patriots. We are a member driven organization that seeks to foster values-based on action-oriented leadership in Africa especially in the corporate sphere of human endeavors.

To give members a platform to: be inspired, discover, be equipped, associate/connect and share their experiences (IDEAS). The Network is established to support the emergence of the next generation of African State and Non-State Actors in business, politics and civil society who are effective, values-driven and enlightened through knowledge and shared experiences.

To be the world’s largest Afrocentric network.

The principles of THE 1873 NETWORK may be expressed by this Creed:

The 1873 Network values:


All men are created equal. They are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The individual is a driver of change.
Life has no meaning and purpose without faith in the Creator.
The sovereignty of nations is less important than the brotherhood of man.
Economic freedom can best be won by sovereign humans through a market system.
To secure the intended rights of men, governments are instituted among men and they derive their just powers from the consent, acquiescence and silence of the governed.
The true purpose of business and human life is to serve humanity.
The rule of law is more important than the rule of man.
The Creator’s material endowments can only have value through human effort.
The main objects of the THE 1873 NETWORK are:

To identify, document and showcase Africa’s corporate rich heritage;
To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and insights on Africa’s challenges and opportunities;
To be an advocate for the interests of members on issues that are critical to raise the corporate flag of Africa;
To promote the participation of Africans in shaping and defining the agenda for action to make Africa live up to its promise;
To assist in building Africa’s capacity to fund the documentation of its own case studies that can then be used to enhance financial and corporate literacy;
To identify, strengthen and motivate African people to enter the corporate market;
To engage the energy and the talent of the young and emerging leaders in Africa in order to release their potential to build a good society for all people;