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My Active 16

My Active16 is an NPO that was established in 2020 with the vision
and mission to raise awareness against the scourge of Gender-Based
Violence (GBV). The idea of My Active16 was borne out of the
international campaign of 16 Days of Activism against the Abuse of
children and women, during these 16 days we run 16km daily from 25
November to 10 December. We want to use running which is a social
sport to bring about a social impact on social issues impacting women.
During the lockdown South Africa saw an increase in case of GBV,
meaning while everyone in the world was under pressure and dying
from a pandemic caused by Covid-19, women had another pandemic
of GBV facing them. The news reported an increase in cases of women
being murdered by their partners. The concern with GBV is not the
physical scars women have to bear around after each incident but it the
emotional scars that are there forever to haunt them for life.
Most runners take on running for social pleasure, to clear their mind, to
lose weight, to get their daily fix of endorphin or whichever reason
runners to get in those shoes and run the streets. With that in mind we
started a campaign and asked runners to run for something bigger than
them, to use their kilometer and raise awareness on GBV.