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My Fathers House

My Fatherís House is a self-funded non-government organisation with a holistic focus on the physical, mental and spiritual health of the poor and vulnerable of Cape Town, South Africa.
We work hand in hand with various organisations as well as running our own programmes. We provide support, equipment and training to set-up and maintain community kitchens. a meals on wheels service for the vulnerable and several feeding schemes. Another core area is the rehabilitation and re-homing / reintegration of street people.
My Father's House currently operates a Community Kitchen in Simon's Townthat feeds between 450 - 500 people a day. This kitchen does the following:
- Meals on wheels for the vulnerable of the Far South - Feeds the homless of Simon's Town and surrounds - Feeds elderly of Masiphumele - Feeds children in Capricorn Park
Our current monthly spend on food and food preparation is R100 000. We also:
- Provide gas to other soup kitchens to cook - Rehabilitate and rehome the homeless - Provide skills and training for the vulnerable - Engage in community outreach and support local events - Engage with stakeholders to help build a safe and secure environment
We are in the advanced stages of launching a new Community Kitchen in Capricorn Park after we were alerted to the needs of the community while providing meals to the kids in the area.
This is all powered by volunteers and donations.