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Mymoena Scholtz

Founded in 2008, Where Rainbows Meet Training & Development Foundation is based in Vrygrond, a multi-cultural community of nearly 40,000 and the oldest informal settlement (1900) in Western Cape.

Our programmes – skills for a better future
Our activities provide the different groups of the community with information, education and support (e.g. via events, courses, programmes, individual assistance, etc.). In our programmes, people are encouraged to take responsibilities for their own lives, their families and the situation in the community. They are also equipped with enhanced working skills in order to decrease unemployment, thus lowering drug abuse, domestic violence, child neglect and other social ills.
We also offer opportunities to become involved in many other activities of the organisation like the annual events, to supplement development and training. For students that show interest and potential in becoming a volunteer of the organisation, courses are available to help achieve this. Our organisation also supports new initiatives, through mentoring, infrastructural support and also by providing resources and equipment for leaders to run their programmes (for instance soccer balls, sewing materials etc).

We are lucky to have the support of people from South Africa and all over the world that support the organization or the community. Nevertheless, Where Rainbows Meet is always looking for sponsors and volunteers that are willing to donate money, in kind or their talents to Where Rainbows Meet. Without the support of many donors – private people, companies and trusts – we would not be able to do our work for the community of Vrygrond and surroundings.